About Us

Hi from Toolworks Chicago

My name is Mark,and I'm owner,and usually the only employee at Toolworks Chicago. I've been making floggers,and toys for around 30 years. Welcome to my web-site. This site should give you an idea of what I make,and what peaks your intrest. When you decide what you would like, contact me for what I have in stock,and what leathers,or feel you're going for,and also for availability,and shipping charges.

Once you have an idea of what interest you,type,and size of flogger,type of leather,or feel you're interested in send me an e-mail,toolworkschicago@yahoo.com,  ,also if you're on fetlife  more pics there,and send a friend request too.  https://fetlife.com/users/59967

Please take a look around if something catches your eye get back to me,this is my first web-site,in a while,I'm in the Chicago area,and do 15 or so shows around the country,about 1,000 mile radius. Paypal button is below,and I can get cc#s over the phone too.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After I let you know your total wioth shipping you can pay here,or contact me for other options.